Our Story



My name is Basil Hopke, and I was born on March 22, 1999. Growing up I was influenced greatly by what is my Orthodox Faith today. Going to church every Sunday with my family was a set routine, and starting at about three or four years old I started visiting our Church’s Convent up in Stanwood with my mother and sister. Making many good memories there, and visiting and watching the nuns practice their faith, was truly something different from what I was used to seeing every day. As I grew up into my teens I started volunteering more, helping with chores around the convent, as well as working in their candle-making room and giftshop. This is the point where I started learning more about the candles and how special they are.


The candles made at Quiet Light candle shop weren’t just unique because the nuns were using 100% pure beeswax, but because of everything around it. The care, the love from family and friends volunteering, and most importantly prayer, made everything so special. The business is as old as I am, and I consider myself very blessed to have grown up being a part of something so truly special and unique. I am currently studying business at EVCC in Everett, and hope to complete my degree within the next year and a half. The Sisters recently got to the point where they could no longer do the candles full time, and since the business is so much a part of my heart, I asked them if I could carry on this wonderful tradition. With their prayers and guidance,  I hope to continue and uphold these very special and unique traits that this business has, of handcrafting high quality pure candles, made with care and prayer, to continue bringing a quiet light into your hearts and homes.